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China will try fair means before resorting to force

  • Author:Michelle
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-05-22

China has always believed in politeness and courtesy since ancient times. Our traditions say courtesy demand reciprocity, and we try fair means before resorting to force.

China has always exercised great restraint over China-US economic and trade frictions, and carried out the negotiations sincerely.

China sent a delegation to the United States for the 11th round of high-level consultations as it was sincere in resolving the issue through negotiations to the last minute, even after the US put extreme pressure on China and announced tariffs hike on $200 billion of Chinese imports.

The move by the United States has directly led to the escalation of the Sino-US economic and trade friction, and China was forced to adjust and impose countermeasures on some imported goods from the US.

At the same time, China still hopes that the US side will return to the right track of bilateral economic and trade consultations, make joint efforts with China to meet each other halfway and continue to push forward the negotiations on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

As a nation of true gentleman, China deals with things in a gentleman way.

As some foreign political leaders have pointed out, China values its commitments in the international arena, which reflects the wisdom of the ancient Chinese civilization and China's historical responsibility as a responsible power.

Over the past year, China has demonstrated its sincerity and goodwill in promoting the negotiations. We honor our word and keep our promise, which has never changed.

Unfortunately, the US side has repeatedly upped its terms, repeatedly contradicted its words, and is obsessed with putting extreme pressure, thinking it can maximize its own interests through such dishonest and insolent bullying tactics. This is a wrong move aimed at a wrong object!

The United States should never take China's sincerity as softness, and should never assume that China will give way or compromise on major issues of principle, and should never assume that China will trade off its core national interests and the fundamental interests of the people.

China will never do anything that will leave it humiliated again. No one should expect China to swallow the bitter fruit of damaging its core interests.

The practice of bullying and extreme pressure can do nothing but damage the credibility and image of the United States.

Faced with economic and trade frictions provoked by the US side, China has always taken a clear position: there is no winner in a trade war — and China doesn't want a trade war, but is by no means afraid of fighting one.

Due to the deep integration of the Chinese economy and the US economy, the increase in tariffs by the US will be not only unfavorable to the Chinese people, but also the American people and the people of the world.

From the very beginning, China has had a clear understanding of this and demonstrated the utmost sincerity and goodwill in negotiations. At the same time, China has expected the worst and is well-prepared.

Over the past year, the whole country has focused on stabilizing employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations. The results are clear, and economic fundamentals are stable. We are very confident the Chinese economy is capable of withstanding the pressure and risk, and we have no fear of the trade war launched by the US.

The best choice is economic and trade cooperation between China and the US, which should be based on principles. China will not and cannot make any concessions on major issues of principle.

China has always been open to negotiations. We always believe China and the United States have broad common interests and space for cooperation in the economic and trade fields. We should seek common ground while reserving differences and strive for win-win cooperation.

However, negotiations must be based on sincerity and follow the principle of mutual respect and equality. The agreement between the two sides must be equal and mutually beneficial. Only when the two sides are moving in the same direction, seeking common ground while reserving and resolving differences and solving problems with a rational and pragmatic attitude can China-US economic and trade exchanges better serve the people of the two countries and the world.