A father's love is silent,Gratitude accompanies

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A father's love is silent,Gratitude accompanies

2023-06-02 16:28:13

The origin of Father's Day 

The world's first Father's Day, born in 1910 in the United States, was initiated by Mrs. Bruce Dodd of Washington, the United States, Mrs. Dodd's mother died in childbirth while giving birth to her sixth child, Mrs. Dodd's father, Mr. Williams Matt had fought in the Civil War, after the death of his wife, alone in a rural farm in eastern Washington, Taking on the responsibility of raising and educating six children.

Mrs. Dodd is the second child in the family and the only girl in the family. The careful nature of women enables her to better understand the hard work of her father. Mr. Smart works hard in the daytime and takes care of the housework and the life of every child when he comes home at night. Mr. Smart died in 1909 from years of overwork.

In 1909, the year of Mr. Smart's death, when Mrs. Dodd attended the church Thanksgiving service on Mother's Day, she missed her father very much. Mrs. Dodd knew that her father had put as much love and hard work into the upbringing of his children as any mother. Mrs. Dodd told her feelings to Pastor Ramus of the church, hoping to have a special day. Her idea of honoring the world's great fathers was applauded by pastors and supported by church organizations.

 The mayor of Spokane and the governor of Washington publicly endorsed the idea of making June 5th, her father's birthday, Father's Day. The state accepted the idea and moved the holiday to the third Sunday of June. On June 19, 1910, Spokane, Washington, where Mrs. Dodd lived, held the world's first Father's Day celebration. Around the same time, people in other towns and cities across the United States began to celebrate Father's Day as well. 


The world's first Father's Day celebration took place in Washington State in 1910, on the third Sunday of June (in honor of his father's birthday).

Now widely spread around the world, the date of the festival varies by region, the most widespread date in the third Sunday of June every year.

 This year's Father's Day will fall on Sunday, June 19, 2022 (May 21, the year of the Nonyin lunar calendar).

A father's love is silent.

Father is a word with weight.

He is not eloquent but has a thick love. He is ordinary but the memory of the softest bit.

 A father, however, gives us a strong character, a father, such as the sea to accompany us on the voyage of the ship. A father is the sun even in the winter can let you feel the warmth of spring, a father is the spring even if covered with years of dust, still can maintain pure bright and clean.

Father is a beacon in the dark, in frustration he always use encouragement to set up the long ladder to heaven...


On this special day, Sunny Glassware also sends her best wishes and love to all fathers. We are well aware of the hard work and selfless dedication of fathers, who quietly pay for the development of the company and the happiness of the family. So on this special day, we want to express our gratitude to all fathers and let them feel the warmth and care of our company.

also wish all father happy, happy, well-being of the world, and wish all children of the world, like a love oneself love our father.


A father's love is silent,Gratitude accompanies